Script to remove any recovery partition other than from the boot drive.

echo "--------------------------------------------------"    
Boot=`mount | grep " / " | cut -d " " -f 1 | cut -d "/" -f 3`
Recovery=`diskutil list | grep Recovery\ HD | awk {'print $NF;}'`
echo Recovery partition found at: $Recovery

for i in $Recovery
    RecoveryMinusOne=`echo $i | cut -c 1-6`$((`echo $i | cut -c 7`-1 ))
        if [ $RecoveryMinusOne == $Boot ]; then
            echo Ignoring partition $i next to boot partition $Boot
            echo Merging partition $i into $RecoveryMinusOne
            read -r -p "Are you sure? [Y/n] " response
            case $response in
                diskutil mergePartitions HFS+ MacintoshHD $RecoveryMinusOne $i
            echo "--------------------------------------------------"    
echo "Copyleft 2012, Daniel Zeller"

Outlook message recall dissected

It appears that Exchange 2010 is transforming a message recall request and packing it into a “standard” SMTP transportable message.

My research indicates that is wrong. 3D 0A is simply line feed carriage return. I don’t think that triggers the recall and my testing supports this.

I have noticed a strong correlation between the Thread-Index of the original message and the recall. These are four messages and then four matching recalls:



Base64 decoded and shown as HEX this pattern emerges (message and recall matched up):

01CD8FBC 182D 643E09767C4C4A4BBB77C1AC0711BCF7
01CD8FBC 210D 643E09767C4C4A4BBB77C1AC0711BCF7

01CD8FBC 1C24 D640C7A2D70C480F96BC9D226020D6A9
01CD8FBC 2419 D640C7A2D70C480F96BC9D226020D6A9

01CD8FBC 1FC6 599A6AC19C374E729FFDFA48770F7416
01CD8FBC 276A 599A6AC19C374E729FFDFA48770F7416

(And that’s about how far I got.)

My testing does not show any “special strings” as suggested by I assume this is how it worked in an earlier version.

10.7: Can’t trusted bind to 10.6 OD Server in Magic Triangle

A Mac OS X v10.7 Lion client may be unable to connect to a Mac OS X v10.6 Open Directory Server. This can happen if Lion uses Authenticated Binding to a Mac OS X v10.6 Open Directory Server that is also bound to Active Directory by means of a magic triangle.


To allow the Mac OS X v10.7 clients to connect, either don’t use authenticated binding, or use the following Terminal commands.

Execute these commands on the Mac OS X v10.6 Open Directory Master Server and Replicas:

Note: These commands will turn off GSSAPI authentication for the LDAP Server on the Mac OS X v10.6 Open Directory Master Server and Replicas. The servers will then use CRAM-MD5 authentication.

sudo rm /usr/lib/sasl2/openldap/
sudo rm /usr/lib/sasl2/openldap/

Restart the server after making this change.
If you want to restore the original settings, execute these commands:

cd /usr/lib/sasl2/openldap
sudo ln -s ../ 
sudo ln -s ../

Restart the server after making this change.

serial port on xserve 10.6

sudo launchctl remove

screen /dev/cu.serial <port_speed>

Replace the <port_speed> with the port speed supported by the device you are trying to control. This should allow you to connect to the device and control it.

When you are done, you can reset the Terminal by performing these key strokes

Type Ctrl-A and press Enter, then type Ctrl-\ and press Enter.