Howto unlock Linksys/Sipura/engin SPA-2000 using a MacBook

The SPA-2000 sold in Australia is locked to engin (a voip provider). By default the SPA will automatically try to download its configuration from the engin webserver.

– Hook the SPA onto your ethernet port and share your (Airport) internet connection with the SPA.

– Run WebSharing on your book.

– Get the empty config file and compile for your SPA using the Linux (yes, you need access to a Linux box to generate the config) software spc. (./spc-linux-i386-static nopass.txt spa.cfg –target THEMACADDRESS) (of course, the MAC of your SPA)

– Place the file on the right spot in your webserver (/Library/WebServer/Documents/sipura/THEMACADDRESS/spa.cfg)

– fake the webserver IP of engin onto your ethernet port (sudo ifconfig en0 alias

– power up the SPA

– watch access_log (using tail -f /var/log/apache2/access_log) to see the SPA grabbing the file

– Dial (on a phone connected to the SPA) **** (to get into admin) 73738# and confirm with 1. If its asking you for a password, you made a mistake. I dont know the password, and I cant help you. It asked me for a password all the time, until I made it right.

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