Howto unlock Linksys/Sipura/engin SPA3102 using a MacBook

The SPA-3102 sold in Australia is locked to engin (a voip provider). By default the SPA will automatically try to download its configuration from the engin webserver. (similar to the SPA2000, see below)

– Hook the internet port of the SPA onto your ethernet port and share your (Airport) internet connection with the SPA.

– Run WebSharing on your book.

– Get the empty config (SPA3102, XML version) file (no further modifcations needed)

– Place the file on the right spot in your webserver (/Library/WebServer/Documents/linksys/SPA-3102/THEMACADDRESS.cfg)

– fake the webserver IP of engin onto your ethernet port (sudo ifconfig en0 alias

– power up the SPA

– watch access_log (using tail -f /var/log/apache2/access_log) to see the SPA grabbing the file

– Dial (on a phone connected to the SPA) **** (to get into admin) 73738# and confirm with 1. If its asking you for a password, you made a mistake. I dont know the password, and I cant help you. It asked me for a password all the time, until I made it right.

– Connect your book to the LAN port and change your settings to DHCP client. The SPA is accessible at 🙂